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  • When do you recommend placing an order?
    As soon as you know you want us to bake for your celebration. There is no magic time frame. Your date could be available today and fully booked tomorrow.
  • What if I don’t know all the information you need for my order?
    That’s ok! We can work with what you have now and get the rest of the info closer to your pickup date.
  • Do you require payment in full?
    We require a 50% nonrefundable retainer to book your date and the remainder is due 1 week before the event. If the order is placed less than 14 days from the event, full payment is due to book your date.
  • What if I need to change the amount or design?
    You may make any changes up to 14 days before your event. Changes after the 14-day window may be subject to additional fees.
  • What if our event is canceled?
    Your retainer is nonrefundable. If your order is canceled 14 or more days before the original event date, the retainer may be used within 90 days of the cancellation towards another order or purchase. After 90 days the retainer is forfeited. If the order is canceled less than 14 days before the original event date the retainer is forfeited.
  • Who can make changes to my order once it is booked?
    The contact person is the only one who can make any changes to the order, even if they are not the one paying for the order. We only accept modifications from the person listed on the invoice as the customer.
  • Do you accommodate food allergies?
    Yes! We can accommodate most requests, however, we do have common allergens like wheat, nuts, dairy, etc in our kitchen. While we do our best to double clean and sanitize for allergy requests, we cannot guarantee zero cross-contamination. Please use your best judgment for your needs when placing an order.
  • What if I want a flavor you don’t have listed?
    Ask! We can probably make it! We only list the flavors that are most commonly ordered and have a lot more flavors we can make.
  • Do you host private events like birthday parties and showers?
    Yes! We love hosting your events. While our space is small and can only hold 30 people, it is perfect for those intimate gatherings.
  • Can you do GF cookies for your workshops and events?
    Yes! We can accommodate most food allergies, even for our workshops and events. Please let us know of any allergies before registering for an event.
  • Where can I park?
    You can use the street parking, the parking lot behind our building and the parking garage on 16th Street. Currently, the City of Moline is not monitoring or ticketing for parking.
  • I’m coming to a workshop or event, can I bring my own food and drink?
    Yes and no. All of our events are BYOA (bring your own alcohol) and we invite you to bring in an alcoholic beverage you’d like. However, all food and non-alcoholic beverages need to be purchased from Sugar A La Mode
  • Can I come in and use your WiFi?
    Yes! You are welcome to come in and use our Wi-Fi with purchase.
  • What are Sugar Sacks?
    Sugar Sacks are our newest product! They include any extra items from custom orders. For example, if we need 2 dz chocolate cupcakes and our recipe makes 3, we will do a Sugar Sacks with the extra cupcakes. Sugar Sacks are 50% off regular retail pricing. When we have one available it will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram stories. First come first serve.
  • Do you have coffee?
    Yes. Freshly brewed coffee. We also have a coffee/hot chocolate bar where you can choose from several flavors and brew your own coffee/hot chocolate in our Keurigs. We have several syrups and creamers for you to enjoy in your coffee/hot chocolate.
  • Do you have a minimum order for cookies?
    Yes. Flavor cookies have a minimum of 1 dozen per flavor. Mini-flavor cookies have a minimum of 2 dozen per flavor. Decorated cookies have a minimum of 1 dozen, after 1 dozen you may add cookies in any amount. Mini-decorated cookies can only be added to full-size dozens, they are not available to order on their own.
  • Do you have a minimum order for cupcakes?
    Yes. Cupcakes have a minimum order of 1dozen and 1 flavor per dozen. Mini cupcakes have a 2 dozen minimum with 1 flavor per 2 dozen
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, all credit/debit cards, and most E Pay options. There is a $10 minimum on all credit/debit and E Pay options

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Address: 1603 5th Ave, Moline, IL 61265, USA

Email:   -   Phone: 309-506-1569

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